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Workshop Photo 1.jpg
Workshop Photo 1.jpg

Collaborating with visually impaired and blind people, we make creativity more accessible aware that artistic expression is often already in the possession of those who are most marginalised from formal spheres of power.

IntrasonusUK helps artists and activists to increase the efficacy and affecacy of their artistic activism.

IntrasonusUK is committed to creating a better world through education, research, development of bold ideas and innovative site-specific projects.

We build bridges between sound and movement, spoken text, science and technology.

We are restless thinkers. We constantly question and experiment. We tackle challenges through our unique combination of research, expertise and skills.

Our approach is practical and collaborative, driven by the rigorous use of emerging technology and the power of people.

We are fascinated by the skills and imagination of artists inspired by the world around us and we love compelling narrative writing.

We offer concerts and events reinforced by workshops and laboratories, seeking to express and re-configure life trough art.

With the unique attribute

of any great work of art: the kick in the stomach that takes you by surprise!

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