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Thank you to Arts Council England!

A huge thank you to Arts Council England for choosing to support us – their grant will make a great difference to our project Dark Veil.



For centuries, artists, authors and alchemists have gazed into the void and extracted new ways of seeing and thinking about our place in the universe.

What has been happening to humankind during the last decade has pointed out how we as a species have been progressively dissecting our natural and cultural roots?

A continuous flooding of incontrollable noise has been emerging and flooding all forms of art, philosophy, culture and spirituality. We have been facing a tsunami of dirt, rust and powder able to blind each one of us visually while infecting our minds thanks to the digital contagious pandemic.

DARK VEIL web photo.png

Dark Veil is an act of artistic resistance, and it has been inspired by many different cultural and scientific seeds which we felt the need of feeding and fostering with the media we are more acquainted with: sound

Some of these sources of inside thinking, which will be all feature in upcoming links, blogs, interviews and workshops, have been the following:

Gustav Mahler                       
Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen 

RD Rusconi
Umbrae - String Quartet No. 6        

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
String Quartet op. 80


Six online/in person workshops for VI and Blind people interested in co-creative experiences driven by urgency of sharing perspectives and takes on the theme of darkness and silence, loss and fear, need of rebirth and cleansing.

Join us and you will be introduced to the different thematic and facilitated to create and express yourself.

Include creative tutorials where artists with and without disabilities will receive professional guidance to develop their artistic skills.

Combine various art forms, and individual expression to obtain a deeper and richer artistic vocabulary that may help us face these questions:

When politics, economics and culture are engulfed by war how does the artist respond?

May a performance become an act of resistance, a testimonial of past crimes, acts of genocide and violence?


Open Call for underrepresented poets/writers

Share with us original lines, or quote major authors on the theme of war's memories and genocide!

Help us create a transgenerational testimonial on implications past humanity’s crimes may have for helping us transmitting and reflecting on the dangers and perils we constantly put ourselves, our fellow species and our life as whole.

Join us in asking why and finding solace in the awareness difference can unify us when we need it the most!

The project is now concluded, but we are constantly looking for internship and collaborations


How may reports of annhihilation influence art

How may feelings and recollections of past genocides influence art

How do sound influence our equilibrium, attention, imagination & consciousness

Impact of sound on the well-being and mental health of Blind/VI people

The differences in reaction to sound, movement and proprio-perception in VI/Blind people

Legends of blind seers/oracles

Our team is dedicated to make the creative process as accessible as possible, so contact us if you have any questions.

Please get in touch if you are interested and we will be happy to give you more information.

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