A Story of Human Sacrifice

28 September 2020, 7 pm

EartH (Theatre)


A story of all that we have lost by choosing to live in the false un-reality of our technologically advanced world, violently separating ourselves from everything that is natural, true, and real.

Spatial audio, ambient sound, spoken text and menacing other-wordy effects.


Evocative choreography, in a moment of incantation, shred apart by the strident clenching of an almighty AI.

In collaboration with Royal National Institute of Blind People, BlindAid, UCL Ear Institute and UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, Central School of Ballet, EartH Theatre and L-Acoustics.

We have granted in power whilst draining influence and significance away from the very core principles of life that hold us together: trust, humanity, mythology, belief in something bigger than we are, love and respect for our natural, earthly world.


Matthew was a grand finalist in BBC Young Dancer 2019 after winning the contemporary category final. His current projects include a new commission from The Greenhouse Theatre which will premiere in London (May 2020) before transferring to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a collaboration for the Royal College of Music’s Great Exhibitioinist programme and a new co-creation with The Pappy Show Physical Theatre.

Recent work includes movement direction for The Kissing Rebellion (Oval House) choreography for The Sun Rose (LEAP Dance Festival, Resolution Festival and The Posh Club), associate choreography for BOYS at Southbank Centre for London International Mime Festival and A lady not called Margaret, Brenda or Margery (Queens Hall Digital).

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Ana is a physical and dynamic dancer who enjoys challenging the depths and extremities of her versatile movement language. She is interested in exploring the boundaries between grounded and experimental movement with the more lineal and technical form.

In 2016 Ana Joined Phoenix Dance Theatre as an apprentice through the post-graduate program at the NSCD, where she also completed an MA in Contemporary Dance and Performance graduating with Distinction. During her time with Phoenix Ana performed works by Itzik Galili, Sharon Watson and Caroline Finn. She also had the pleasure to work with choreographers such as Alleta Collins, Douglas Thorpe, Edward Lynch, and Sandrine Monin.

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Ana F. Melero

Fukiko Takase

Fukiko has been working with UK’s top choreographers such as Wayne McGregor, Henri Oguike, and Russell Maliphant as a leading dancer, performing all over the world in countless international stages and festivals for 12 years of her professional career as a dancer in the UK.
She became an independent artist in 2018 to focus more on her choreography and dancing career as a solo artist.

Her choreographic work deeply influenced by spirituality and the interaction between the human body and the living - planet.

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Sandrine Monin is a contemporary dance choreographer.

Her work transports her audience into poetic and surrealistic atmospheres and creates relatable and emotionally engaging experiences. Her unique choreographic signature is visceral, marrying strong physicality, sophisticated technique and human sensitivity. It is built on over 12 years’ experience as a professional dancer around Europe and the UK in renowned company (Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Phoenix Dance Theatre).

She has created works for dance, theatre companies and youth groups. Calyx (Phoenix Dance Theatre) was nominated ‘Best premiere 2017’ in Dance Europe magazine. That same year, she was identified as future leader by One Dance UK’s mentoring programme..

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Music & Concept

Roberto is London based composer of contemporary classical music, and sound architect for fully immersive sound for dance, film, art installations, symphony orchestra, chamber ensembles, and singers.


A versatile sound colourist, Rusconi fluently weaves elements of classical harmony, avant-garde, ambient soundscapes, and his visual art into the fabric of his compositions. His portfolio includes works for symphony orchestra, chamber ensembles, choir, soloists, as well as electro-acoustic installations and dance performances. His music has been performed throughout the UK, including London, Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff and in Italy, Austria, Spain, China, and others.

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Laura is a playwright and screenwriter who has written more than 40 original plays and adaptations of classic novels, commissioned by theatres including the Almeida, The Customs House South Shields and Hull Truck.

She explores female-driven narratives that ask questions about who we are today, often through the lens of the past.

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Laura Turner


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