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Dance and how to create movement and live performance without relying on visual stimuli but instead through finding internal motivations, mind imagery, perception of sounds

Spoken word and voice-acting based on original poems, writings and evocative ancient Egyptian hymns


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The age of climate crisis is upon us, and grief and anxiety are on the rise.

a podcast about love, loss, and the natural world


Music - Dance - Science

A story of human sacrifice. Spatial audio, ambient sound, spoken text and menacing other-wordy effects. Evocative choreography, in a moment of incantation, shred apart by the strident clenching of an almighty AI.



Tackling inequalities of arts participation and access Intrasonus UK launches a series of ‘free access’ workshops for the visually impaired and blind people in collaboration with RNIB and BlindAid.

Photo: Patrick Baldwin


Bloomsbury Theatre, London

July 2019


Created for Central School of Ballet

Choreography by Sandrine Monin


Original score by Roberto David Rusconi



Southbank Centre, London

May 2019




A dance-theatre creation about witches and cursed women, rituals and ancient storytelling in an immersive site-responsive experience.

October 2018, Phoenix at Home, Leeds


Phoenix Dance Theatre


Choreography by Sandrine Monin


Concept & Music by Roberto David Rusconi


Immersive Art: spoken text, surround soundscape and ancient Greek mysteries.


Art Gallery No20, London

February 2018

In collaboration with Almeida Participation Team

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