Co-creative experience

A concert for string quartet and multimedia inspired by emotional distress caused by eco-grief, informed by feelings and experiences felt by vulnerable and marginalized people and communities who already suffer from the way our city sound environments and natural soundscapes are changing.


The event performed by Ensemble Phace is scheduled for February 2021. Due to current COVID restrictions, the performance will be recorded in Ambisonic, live-streamed, and eventually take place in an open space and/or with distancing according to government regulations.


The co-creative phase will be informed by Zoom workshops and sharing for visually impaired and blind people in collaboration with BlindAid and RNIB.

The contribution of visually impaired and blind artists and their amateur and voluntary creativity.


Indoor recording of original songs and evergreens, singing, playing, composing, writing.

Supported by Arts Council England and Fondazione Venezia ProArte.

Finding a personal thread in the new world of indoor creativity!

Workshops & Contributions

A story to tell

In a clear dialogue between poet and composer, this work frequently highlights concepts via a degree of meta-musicality and a detailed manipulation of an instrument’s aesthetic colours.

A moment to think

This composition disrupts the standard musical frame through word-painting and behind-the-curtain yet complex associations with the verbal space coming out for instance in the conclusion to naturally harmonise the vocals as sung by the poet.

Mad Girl's Love Song


Funk Don't Need No Love




Don Quixote


Wonder Dream


Blue Bar


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